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Vidéo Melett 'Behind the scene'

Un aperçu des processus ce contrôle strictes en vigueur chez MELETT, qui s'assurent que chaque pièce MELETT est machinée aux plus hauts standards possibles. Regardez notre nouvelle vidéo «Behind the Scenes »  qui vous fait visiter notre siège social MELETT et les ateliers de fabrication de CHRAs.

  • Why have we changed our core boxes?

    2016 has seen a strong focus at Melett to improve efficiencies and reduce waste. As a result we have introduced a number of Lean manufacturing initiatives in order to operate more efficiently throughout the business.
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  • Melett Turbochargers - the premium brand alternative

    We are delighted to introduce Melett Turbochargers, our new range of precision engineered turbos. We can now offer our customers the complete product portfolio, including everything from individual piece parts right through to the complete unit.
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  • Improved stock availability to meet customer demand

    In preparation for another busy and exciting year we are pleased to announce that we have introduced additional warehouse capacity to further enhance our stock availability.
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  • BSI ISO9001 Quality Management success at Melett China

    We are pleased to announce that our manufacturing facility, Melett China, has recently been awarded the ISO 9001 quality management system by BSI, the world renowned business standards organisation.
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  • What's inside your turbo?

    This is a question we have been asking the market to consider. To support our quest, at the recent ReMaTec exhibition, Melett took centre stage and we are delighted to share with you our presentation on the turbocharger aftermarket, presented by our very own Martyn Howorth, Sales Director.
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