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Why do turbo’s fail? Overheating

What is overheating? Overheating is a term used to describe components that have been subjected to abnormally high exhaust temperature or insufficient cooling. Find out more about Overheating... To find out what causes overheating, the signs of oveheating and

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What are Turbo Oil Leaks?

Oil  leaks  can  be  caused  by  a  variety  of   factors,   the   main   factor   being   incorrect   pressure within the compressor and turbine housings. Oil leaks can cause catastrophic damage to the bearing systems and occur within seconds of

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Defining Remanufacturing

Whilst opinion about remanufacturing has changed significantly in recent years, there remains a common misconception that remanufacturing within the automotive industry belongs in the same category as ‘reconditioning’ and ‘repair’. Here, we look at what

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Do Diesel Passenger Cars Have a Future?

A year on from the Volkswagen emission scandal, speculation is growing about the life-span of diesel engines, fuelled by rumours that Norway is planning to ban all diesel engine passenger cars by 2025 – with other European countries potentially following suit. So

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The Future of Diesels

Alors que l'industrie automobile mondiale fait face à un examen approfondi après le scandale des émissions de Volkswagen, il ne fait aucun doute que cette révélation aura naturellement un impact sur notre marché, mais dans quelle mesure

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Is the Price Right?

Today’s automotive repair industry is faced with an overwhelming range of repair parts. Amid claims of exceptional quality at extraordinarily cheap prices, here Martyn Howorth, Sales Director, Melett Ltd., explores the reasons why some turbocharger components are

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